I guarantee on my honor that all these comments are authentic.


Design of practical and useful lessons, each with real-life situations as a theme, which facilitated learning. The lessons were animated by a variety of materials and Pierrette's relaxed and friendly encouragement kept me motivated and interested.




Caring, patient, always concerned with the pronunciation and very professional. My language level has grown considerably after a few classes with Pierrette and with this has also grown my confidence to go out the streets and practice with the locals. My level of understanding has also improved greatly with the teaching method and today I can affirm that I maintain a good level of communication in French.



I did the course with Pierrette to improve my French, especially in oral. Pierrette immediately identified my weaknesses and then worked methodically to help me reach a higher level. Always well prepared, quiet and smiling, it is a pleasure to do lessons with her and I feel well motivated to continue to make efforts because I see very satisfactory results.


Christoph et Elisabeth

My husband and I wanted to take a French course to reach a better level. Pierrette was always extremely well prepared. She became familiar with all our requests. There were no grammatical questions to which she had no answer. Besides, she was always in a good mood and we had a lot of fun in the lessons with her.


Pierrette  has been teaching me French for the purposes of completing the Swiss naturalization process.  Pierrette is attentive, patient and well researched to my requirements. I have found the course very amenable and engaging. The improvement that I have achieved and confidence that I have gained is immediately notieable. I will not hesitate to recommand her help.


I have attended many different French courses since arriving in Switzerland and have always struggled. However, since starting with Pierrette my progress has been very good, and I now feel very confident to use French in my daily life. For me, she has been the best teacher I have ever had and would have absolutely no hesitation in recommanding her services.


"Pierrette is a fantastic French teacher. She always has a plan but readily adapts to student needs and requests. She is knowledgeable and explains not only the fundamentals clearly but also those elements of the language and the grammar that are more challenging. Patient and encouraging, she instills confidence in her students. She is personable and takes a sincere interest in her students, which makes her lessons really enjoyable. I highly recommend her!"



If I have to describe my experience with Pierrette as a teacher, I could say she is extremely profesionnal, passionated and dedicated to her students. I’m extremely grateful for her patience, pedagogy and her time to help me to reach my French level.


You’ve been a very thoughful, understanding and amazing teacher. You always come with a well prepared lesson plan. I also admire how flexible and patient you are and the way you encourage us. You’re a great and compassionate teacher.


You’re a very GOOD teacher.


I think you are a totally wonderful, patient teacher and I hope you do keep helping others to learn the language.

You are good. 


It has been a pleasure to have Pierrette as a teacher – always prepared, always flexible and always smiling. 


Je pars avec le niveau B2 à l’oral et à l’écrit. Vous êtes responsable en grande partie pour mon amélioration et je vous remercie pour votre travail pendant les années passées.