Take private face-to-face French classes directly at your home or at your office with a certified native language teacher committed to you 100%. That guarantees a solid, customized and effective learning experience.


FSEA certified trainer, I am Swiss and French is my mothertongue. You will learn how to speak French the way it’s actually spoken. I have 10 years of experience during which I worked in several language schools and I had numerous mandates in companies of the area (UEFA, Novartis, WWF, General Mills ...). I am patient, dynamic, smiling and very attentive to your progress. Seeing you succeed and build your self-confidence is my first motivation.


You can learn at your own pace with the course contents customized to meet your own goals and specific learning needs. You can spend as much time as you need to grasp each topic and learn how to communicate in French with self-confidence. The program is fully geared towards your center of interests. It takes into account your level, your strengths or your weaknesses.


Writing, vocabulary, grammar, conversation… Whether you prefer a formal or informal style of learning, we usually work on a combination of skills to allow you to progress rapidly in every situations. To be connected with the local culture and to learn in a realistic way, we also work with real life materials (newspapers, radio, songs, litterature, ...). 


I can also offer assistance for the Swiss naturalization process (civic knowledge, geography, history, culture of the area).